Ice Cream Truck Catering in Northern Virginia

Looking for unique catering options in Northern Virginia? Our soft-serve ice cream catering brings the joy of ice cream to any event! We offer creamy and delicious ice cream for birthday parties, corporate events, and more. Mister Softee’s ice cream truck catering service can meet any event’s unique requirements. For the best soft-serve ice cream catering in Northern Virginia and ice cream catering in Arlington, call Mister Softee today.

Rent Our Ice Cream Truck For Your Indoor or Outdoor Event

When you are planning corporate events or birthday parties in Northern VA and want to surprise your guests with a classic treat, consider Mister Softee for ice cream catering. Our ice cream truck will cater for any event you plan, indoors or outdoors. Any venue is perfect for an ice cream truck in Fairfax, VA. Mister Softee has an ice cream truck rental available for all kinds of events in Northern Virginia. 

Mister Softee ice cream catering trucks serve ice cream for birthday parties in Northern Virginia. Our ice cream trucks are also great for:  

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Corporate events
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Every Event Is Better With Soft Serve Ice Cream!

No matter the event, soft-serve ice cream is sure to impress your guests. Our ice cream truck catering services bring a variety of flavors and sweet creations to your event in Northern Virginia. When you book our ice cream truck, you can select from our vast selection of flavors that include: 

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Choco Nut
  • Butterscotch
  • Reese’s Sundae
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Rainbow

Enjoy all of our unique flavors in a cup or cone. Our ice cream truck in Manassas and Northern Virginia also has banana boats, milkshakes, soda floats, and cartwheels. A cartwheel is a magical blend of vanilla, and chocolate soft serve crafted into a delicious ice cream sandwich.

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Contact Us for Ice Cream Truck Catering

If you live in Northern VA and need an ice cream truck catering service, contact Mister Softee. Whether it’s ice cream for birthday parties or another event, our soft-serve ice cream catering service is the best! Contact Mister Softee and see how our ice cream caterers can make your event special!

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